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That time we got lost in Rome...


See those steps? F#*$ those steps. Those are the Spanish Steps that everyone goes nuts over seeing, and we almost walked right past them. And right to the left of them is a Metro station to get off and on the trains. After walking around for four hours sightseeing, we decide to head back to these steps, get on the train, and go to our hotel. We could not find these steps for almost FIVE hours. We couldn't find that stupid train station or those stupid steps anywhere. And once we finally found another Metro station, we could figure out the right train, taking another 2 hours to get to our hotel. I sat on the ground and started crying, and D gave in and got a cab to take us 40 minutes away to our hotel. Well $65 later we finally made it and I cried tears of joy. Needless to say this was a horrible start to our trip, but after that fiasco we had an awesome time! The food was disappointing overall, but I think the 'Italian' food I was hoping for would be in Sicily. Anyone else who made the trek over to Rome feel the same way? Mila loved the gelato and several tourists kept asking to get their pictures taken with her. How awkward, but how flattering?! Definitely a trip we will always remember, and next time we take the Metro we will be better prepared.

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