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Man Cave Makeover

One of the awesome people responsible for Man Crates, a company that makes gifts for men that come in crates which can only be opened with a crow bar (how cool?!), contacted me about the perfect gifts for a man who is decorating his very own "man cave." My husband is not lucky enough to have his own man cave, but if he ever did, fingers crossed it would be decorated like this, and not some cheesy, geeky, stereotypical men's room.

Man Cave

Man Cave by whisktangofox featuring window wall art

I tried to stay clear of any sports teams and neon beer signs in this room. However, I still wanted to allow some subtle hints of what some men may love. For example, a more grown up version of the Stars Wars canvas and Ninja Turtle decor. Still allowing their favorite characters from childhood to be represented but in a more adult-like decor. A faux-fur blanket is the perfect accessory for any room, so why not create a richer feel in a man cave. And what man doesn't want to be wrapped up in velvety luxury while drinking beer or playing video games late at night? As for the trash can, I chose a large geometric vase that was masculine and sturdier then a normal trash can. It is definitely needed in a man cave as a classier option to hide all of the beer bottles and snack wrappers.

And why not finish the gift-giving with the ultimate man cave gift, personalized barware and coasters from man crates. Seriously, if you havent checked this site out, do it now. Your husband/boyfriend/brother/father will love you for it!

Nothing advertises a man's success like a set of personalized pint glasses and coasters.  Straight ballin'.

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