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Paint a Pillow; my living room makeover

The people from Cutting Edge Stencils have done it again. Their new company Paint a Pillow, allows you to pick from a huge variety of stencils, colors, and accessories to design the perfect pillows for your home decor.

We recently got rid of our couches and gave our living room a whole new look. However, even with our new rug and couch set I felt like something was missing. Thanks to Paint a Pillow I designed these pillows with a pop of color that room definitely needed. The pattern and colors I chose also fit in perfect with my other patterned pillows.

A friend of mine had the opportunity to use the same stencil so we could show one stencil could be used in two different rooms. She also chose to use studs from Paint a Pillow and they also give you the option of adding tassles as well. Here is her final product:

With the kit you receive everything needed to create your own pillows. It is almost like a mini screen printing kit. You get a pillow, a pillow case, paint roller and brush, paint colors, paint tray and the stencil. The instructions are really simple and they even include a How To Video on their site. The colors we chose were turquoise, ruby red, and black and we used the multi color stenciling technique.

I love the idea of being able to create your own custom pillow, however the stencil we chose was a bit time consuming. If we had chose a pattern and just one color instead of two, we would have been able to use the roller and each side would have only taken 5 minutes. The pattern we chose took us both about 45 minutes to paint each side. In the future I would keep that in mind when choosing colors and patterns! Overall this was a great project and just knowing I painted our pillows myself makes me love them that much more.

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