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I always thought I would be one of those moms who hates technology and would never let their toddler watch TV or use an iPad or iPhone. Fast forward to having a child who is 18 months and has her own iPad...aaannd all that judgement has gone down the drain. Mila does have limited screen time but I would not be able to get half of the things done during the day without technology. Seriously, the Wiggles and the iPad are my heroes.
With that said, I thought I would share a few of our favorite apps... 

1. Mini U- Zoo Alphabet

This app helps teach kids the alphabet in flash card form. Each card has a different animal with a  narrated and interactive letter. At the end of the flash card set you can even take a quiz to see which letters you have learned. 

2. Youtube Kids

This app just came out and is already a household favorite. No longer do I have to worry about what my toddler may get into. It has its own channels just for children to watch and NO ads.  You can even set a timer to restrict how long your child uses the iPad. 

3. Nighty Night! and Nighty Night! Circus

These apps are actually a part of our bedtime routine on most nights. There are several animals on the farm and at the circus that need to be put to sleep. You can interact with them and then shut out the lights so the animal goes to sleep. After putting all of the animals to sleep, it prompts you to go 'nighty night,' and I let Mila turn out the lights throughout the house.

4. Little Fox Music Box. 
An interactive song book and music studio. Right now Mila is super into "Old Macdonald" so we play this song over and over on here. She gets to click along with all the animals on the page and even change the seasons, making each animal have new interactions.

5. Peek-a-Zoo Pack.

This has always been one of our favorites. With a single click new animals will come out of hiding and play Peekaboo. Each animal has its own interaction and will make different sounds/movements. Mila is a huge fan of animals and has learned what several of them are using this app.

6. Petting Zoo

We just got this app last week and I can't believe we waited this long to try it. Petting Zoo is an interactive picture book with musical sounds for each animal. The hand drawn art, humor, and music is fun for the whole family. This is one of those apps that I enjoy watching and playing as well. 

Do you guys have any of these apps? Are there any I left out that you and your toddler enjoy? If so, please share and we will try them out!

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