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A few weeks ago we got Mila this table set from Ikea for only $20. How can you beat that?! Its a perfect blank slate to do anything that you want with it. I am in the process of making Mila's room into more of a play room since she sleeps with us anyway. The first step was donating all of her baby toys and furniture and we are slowly adding more toddler friendly things to it. 

How we did it: The chairs are all pine and felt very uncomfortable so we bought some batting and fabric from Ikea. There are several tutorials on Pinterest on how to add the cushion to the chairs. I used this one but instead of using a foam board I used 4 layers of batting. I sprayed a few coats of Scotch Guard on the fabric assuming they would get dirty easily. The first day she used the set she colored all over the chairs with crayon and luckily the Scotch Guard made it super easy to clean off. Then I purchased acrylic paints that matched the fabric as best as possible. I am in love with dipped furniture lately so this was the perfect project to attempt it on. We also painted the top of the table and backs of the chairs in chalkboard paint. I plan on writing MILA on the back of one chair and if she ever has a sibling, writing their name on the other chair. The acrylic paint has been great as its very easy to wipe it down. Especially with her easy access to crayons and chalk, she has colored on every part of this table and it looks like new after a quick wipe down.

I can't wait to move soon and decorate her new 'big girl' bedroom completely and make an attempt at moving her bed into their as well. It will be full of dipped furniture, pastel and bright colors, and lots of pine. What decorating styles have you guys been loving lately?

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