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Nerf guns.
I feel like they are every mom's nightmare.
Nerf puts out 300 new models a year and no matter how many guns kids already have, it is never enough. This is HALF of my brothers stash of Nerf guns. HALF. Isnt that insane?!
When I saw them last they were in different places all over the house and garage and I wanted to help them find a way to store them, but in a fun way.
Thanks to my handy husband and my creative vision we came up with this for them.

Want to make your own Nerf gun wall?
It was super easy! 

Mount the pegboard to the wall with mounting screws
We had them cut it into three segments so we could fit it in to the car. 
Then place the mounting screws on each corner. You want to use the mounting kind since you are hanging several Nerf guns on it.

Lay out your pegs
The amount of pegs you need, depends on how many guns you have.
I started from the top with the smallest guns and guns they had doubles of and worked my way down.
It took a while to figure out which configuration I thought looked best.
I have seen some people outline the guns on the pegboard so the kids know which guns go back in which spot, but my brothers are old enough to throw them back up where they got them from!
If you make your own, be sure to share. I will add them to this post for everyone to see!

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