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After living in Germany for three years, our time was supposed to come to an end last month.
We were sad but ecstatic. So ready to see our families more than twice a year, for date nights (what's that?), and all of the amenities that America has to offer.
However, due to some military circumstances out of our control, we are now here in Germany until October. As disappointed as I was at first, I am actually happy to be staying....What?! 
We have a trip to Greece planned this summer, a few more places we want to see, and what's a few more months on top of three years?

That is the thing about being uprooted to a new country...your whole perspective on things changes. You grow, you become more independent, and things that would have scared you before don't even phase you.

Do you guys remember the whole passport debacle before we were supposed to move here? My husband and I were supposed to fly here together but my passport didn't arrive on time, so I was forced to come alone. A 24 hour flying/traveling day by myself. I had never even been on an airplane alone, let alone switched three flights and flown to another country. I remember crying every night the week leading up to the trip because I was terrified. It was completely out of my comfort zone.
Since we've moved here I've made the trip 5 times, alone. 4 of those times I had a baby with me.

Europe is all I have known for the past three years. How weird is it going to be moving back to America?! I am beyond excited for Target and Olive Garden. and of course my family. The list of things I look forward to is miles long. Mila's first time living in America, getting a new house, figuring out what state we even want to live in, leaving the military, being civilians again, it could go on forever....

The sad thing is, who knows how long it will be before we get to see Europe again. We have gotten to travel to London, Rome, all over Germany, and Paris twice! How many people can say that? Its nuts!

But change is good. Nothing good ever came from comfort zones. We have to step away from them and start over again back home. And it is just as scary as it was moving here for the first time.

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