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DIY Book Page Wreath


My DIY book page wreath has found a new home!
This means new pictures for the blog, and in case you weren't a follower before,
I want to share this fun and easy project with you guys.

Seriously, it was the easiest thing ever.
And I'm obsessed with it.
It took up an entire wall that has been driving me nuts for months now.

Remember this post where I had hundreds of leftover book pages?
I finally stopped being so lazy and made a wreath I've had my eye on for months now.

There are TONS of tutorials on Pinterest for wreaths like this.
You can find hundreds of ideas here.
But to get the idea, 

You will need:
1 Foam wreath 
Hot glue gun and sticks
1 or 2 old books you don't mind tearing apart
A stapler

What to do:
Start tearing the pages out of the book.
You will roll them up in a cone shape and staple the bottom.
(Again I should have taken more pictures but the tutorials link above has more detailed pictures)
You will first glue the very bottom row on, BEHIND the wreath.

Then start gluing the next rows.
You will work your way forward, bending the bottom of the pages 
to get as close to the row before, as possible.

You will be gluing in a pattern in the beginning but once you get closer to the center,
you will just have to start putting them where they look best.
Be sure to fill in any gaps at the end, if needed.
It took me about 2 hours overall so not too bad!

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