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GUEST POST: Skull Bliss


If we break it down to one sentence to describe what "Skull Bliss" is about we would say:
Products that intertwine with history, tradition and hope.

So what do we mean by that?

As long as we can remember we were in awe when it came to the sacred tradition of bone art and we always admired the typical, long horn bull skulls with their charismatic appeal and majestic horns. However, when we discovered the outstanding Indonesian animal skulls that were transformed into masterpieces by extremely talented Balinese Master Carvers we truly understood what the term 'craftsmanship' was about.

Our admiration for Indonesian skull art and outstanding carved skulls was born and we wanted to share it with the world.
We got to know many, extremely talented Balinese craftsmen who had an expertise you can only achieve with a lifetime of dedicated practice and who were blessed by nature with 'magical hands'. Nevertheless, they were struggling to earn enough money for themselves - not even mentioning supporting their families.

Most Balinese are Hindus, which means they are deeply religious people and truly respect every living being. Still they have to kill animals for food, however they didn't want to waste any parts of the animal and they had the idea that something should also be done with the byproducts. So they cleaned the bones and started to carve traditional and religious symbols and ornaments into them. We were blown away by the idea to use the bones to create unique and breath-taking animal skulls - simply pieces of artwork for eternity and we just loved their approach to give each animal their dignity back by transforming them into pieces of artwork which are nothing less than captivating.

The process of cleaning the bones, preparing them for the carving procedure and adding the finishing touch to them (plus adding luscious black horns after everything else is done) is a process which takes around 1-2 weeks. The carving itself takes up to 3 full days where the craftsman carves numerous symbols and tribal ornaments into the bones. Usually their inspiration comes from their religious background like the Hindu god Ganesha or they carve other typically Asian symbols like dragons. 

We as the Western management help the artists to find admirers for their artwork and people that are willing to pay for their extraordinary skills. So we built a website where people can get an overview of the huge selection of painstakingly carved cow skulls, bull, ram and horse skulls. Our aim was to offer a transparent customer experience as we provide information through-out the whole order - updating customers with an order confirmation and tracking information later on. We manage the process from ordering the skulls and making sure that a skull is perfectly wrapped and packed for the shipping in order to arrive in crisp condition.

In case customers want to get creative themselves and have a specific design in mind we also do custom skulls. Meaning that we give people the chance to design a totally unique skull themselves which we will carve according to your drawings and sketches.

We┬┤re so grateful that we can spread the word about a product which has a long, Indonesian history and which is a greatly respected tradition in the Balinese society. Through purchasing a beautiful skull from us you support Indonesian craftsman that can continue to make their passion their profession - for their sake and especially for the sake of their families.

History, tradition and hope - that's what "Skull Bliss" is about.

I have been drooling over this company's products since I connected with them on instagram a few months ago. Seriously, how gorgeous are their hand carved skulls?! They are perfect for any room in the house. You better believe it is on my wishlist and we will be getting one once we are back stateside! 

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