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NUBY REVIEW: Foam Bath Letters and Squid Squirter

We always look forward to bath time in this house. It is the best way to wind down from the day and have some quiet play before bedtime. Lately, thanks to Nuby's Foam Bath Letters and Numbers, I can squeeze in some learning time too! The first night we used the letters, she learned 3 letters and can pick them out instantly. I was so shocked at how quickly she picked up on them and how much fun we were having as well. The foam letters and numbers have also helped her learn a few colors as well. Her favorites are yellow and purple. This set is so much more vibrant and fun than any sets I have seen in the past. They are very durable and are fun even out of the tub. We have used them while traveling as well!

The Squid Squirter was also an instant hit. She cant quite figure out that she has to hold it under water to fill it up, but once it is full she loves squirting water everywhere. It definitely encourages some development and hand coordination. Our current favorite bath game involves her filling up cups of water with the Squirter and pretending it is juice. Both products are BPA free! 

Disclosure: I received this product for a review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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