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Fathers Day Project FOR KIDS


My husband loves anything that our daughter makes. It's better than anything I could ever buy and I love that about him. Although I did buy him a few gifts this year, which I will share in a later post, I wanted him to have something special just from Mila. 

This project was perfect. Mila had so much fun, I didn't have to worry about the mess, it was very cheap, and I think it came out great, I spent $6 overall.

Things you'll need:

-Blank canvas
-Letter stickers
-Finger paint for younger kids
-Paintbrushes or they can use their hands

Step one: 

Lay down stickers on blank canvas. Be creative with arrangement and what you want it to say!

Step Two:

Have children paint over the canvas and stickers. I find it best to use one color at a time, that way you don't have all the colors mixing together, creating a brown mess. I let her choose which colors she wanted to use each time. It double as a lesson on colors!

Step Three:

Cover entire canvas with paint.

Step Four:

Remove stickers before paint dries. I went back over any areas that bled with a white paint marker to make the lines a little cleaner and crisp. 

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