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Getting In Shape with LBL and Poise Free Samples!


I have FINALLY been working out for the past few months to get a body I would be happier with this summer. It took me almost two years to find the motivation to start but once you do, it is addicting. I feel better about myself, some days I actually look forward to working out, and it has boosted my mood overall. However, ever since having Mila, cardio has seemed nearly impossible. Only because every single time I start to jump, or run, or do ANYTHING that involves quick movements, I immediately have to pee. And its that feeling that you cant hold it in, even though you JUST went 5 seconds before working out and there is no way that any pee is left in your bladder. But somehow there is. Welcome to having kids. One of the fun parts that no one tells you about because its embarrassing. Lucky for you guys, I don't embarrass easily and want to share a lifesaver with those of you who also have light bladder leakage (LBL) when working out like I do.

Designed to move with your body, new Poise Thin-Shape pads feature Super Absorbent Material (SAM) and a Thin-Flex design for extraordinary protection that’s still 3x drier than period pads to help you take care of leaks with confidence. Because who wants to wear giant period pads when working out?! Not me.

Now what to do with your old period pads? Recycle them! Mila has just started potty training this past month and it couldn't have been at the perfect time. I have been using all of the period pads that I no longer need, to make "pee pads" for her car seat. No more having to disassemble the whole seat to wash the cover whenever she has an accident. 

Want to try the new thin-shape pads for yourself? Click HERE for a FREE SAMPLE!!


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