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A Nickelodeon Spooktacular Halloween Thanks to Party City

With Halloween just around the corner, and it being the first year that Mila really gets what's going on, I have been super excited for this holiday. What better way to team up with Party City and Nickelodeon to help her pick out a costume she really loves.

From the moment we entered the store she was completely enthralled by all of the decor and costumes.
We spent 2 hours in Party City just trying on accessories and picking out our favorite things. It made the experience of picking out her first costume all that much more fun! She even took a nap in the car on the way home, and this girl NEVER naps.

 I had my heart set on creating a 90's Nickelodeon costume and Mila insisted on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but once she put it on I knew she made the better choice. She has been running around the house "ninja kicking" the walls and wears her TMNT hat outside with her normal clothes.

Right now, get a FREE digital poster when you make ANY Nickelodeon in-store purchase at Party City! It is personalized and autographed featuring your child's favorite Nick character. 
Offer only valid in-store at Party City through 10/31/15.

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