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Baking Up Memories with Hallmark Gold Crown


 Out of every holiday memory that I have as a child, there is only one that really sticks out.That memory is baking cookies with my grandma. We used to call her "Grandma Faraway" because she really lived so far away. The one time of year we were guaranteed to see her was for Christmas, and I will never forget being so excited to make our annual Christmas cookies.

I wanted to start a new tradition like this for Mila as well. In hopes that she would grow to love and cherish these times as much as I did and still do. To help make this memory more magical, we headed to Hallmark to pick up some Christmas decorations and after playing around with all of their new Star Wars toys, we found the perfect baking set for Mila.

She is crazy about Disney and Minnie Mouse so when we saw this kit that includes everything needed and the most adorable apron for her, we couldn't pass it up. She immediately grabbed it and ran to the register to buy it, and has been wearing the apron around the house ever since. It comes with a toddler sized spatula, rolling pin, and whisk that were a huge hit. They made it so she could do almost everything on her own and we will be using them for years to come.

We had an absolute blast making cookies and starting a new holiday tradition. It will definitely become something we do every year, and I can't thank Hallmark enough for making it that much more fun and special!

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