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Three Things (I want to accomplish in 2016)

Blog ruts suck...amiright? I am in one of those and this link up is just what I need. To go back to my roots of blogging when I did link ups all the time and got to meet fun new bloggers and have some purpose to my posts. My life lately is not where I imagined it being and that makes it harder to get excited to write about it on my blog. With that said, here are three things I want to accomplish this year and get my life closer to where I want it to be!

1. Blog more. Real original? But really, I want to get back into blogging a few times a week and to where I really enjoy it. More sponsored posts would be amazing but more personal posts would be even more amazing. Thats where it I have been lacking and I know that I need to make a real effort to work on it. Do you guys get in these ruts too? I also want to start taking more pictures. I have been slacking with that also.

2. Make more. money that is. I want nothing more than for my blog to be a reliable source of income
for my family. We have never ever ever been in debt, and right now we are over our heads. I need to step it up until my husband's job works out for us (which will take some time it seems.) Any tips or bloggers who may help? Send them my way!

3. Make more time for fun! I feel so stressed out 90% of the day and I need to make more of an effort to let go and have fun. Like our Christmas trip to Disney last month. I felt so beyond stressed about spending the money on tickets (thank you credit cards travel points for fixing that) and wasn't even excited to go. Until that morning we woke up and got all dressed up and surprised Mila....it was all worth it. Every penny. Best day I have had in a long time and Mila was so ecstatic and shocked and it was just priceless. The perfect way to end the year.

I am not one for New Years Resolutions but these are what I really want to accomplish this year to better my life and myself! What about you guys? What are you working on?

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