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MOM HACK: Get your toddler to LOVE brushing their teeth!

There are so many times as a first time mom, where I just sit there thinking "what the hell is happening right now?" Whether it is during a toddler meltdown, while wiping poop off of random places, or having to coerce my toddler into doing things that she just doesn't want to do. The one thing that sticks out in my mind of WTF moments, is brushing my toddler's teeth.

For over a year, I have been sitting on my child while she screams her head off, every single night. I am obviously not hurting her, so please, no judgement. I am just so adamant on making sure her teeth don't end up as bad as my husband's and mine were as children/young adults. She acts like I am murdering someone, when really, I just want to get all of the gummy's, chocolate milk, and Cookie Crisp pieces out of her teeth.

I thought this was a problem that only we had but apparently, TONS of moms have had this same issue or are going through it right now. Every time I ask on a mommy page for advice, I get the same tips and tricks that have worked for their children but definitely did not work for mine. I really thought I tried everything out there from letting her pick out new toothbrushes, to Elmo tooth brushing videos, to bribes. 10 toothbrushes later, I went on Amazon and found that Sonicare had kids toothbrushes. My husband and I LOVE our Sonicare toothbrushes and if I was going to have to hold my child down every night and endure a huge battle, I sure as hell wanted to make sure I was using the best toothbrush out there. Goodbye Paw Patrol tooth brush, thanks for nothing.

My two year old was intrigued as soon as I opened the package and showed her the new Sonicare toothbrush. She was so thrilled that it was "just like mommy and daddy's" (which she kept telling me over and over), and that she got to pick out her own skin for it, and even add extra stickers. It comes with a free app that lets you adopt a little monster, and then you make sure the monster is keeping its teeth clean by brushing your own teeth. It connects to your phone through bluetooth and actually shows you which teeth you are brushing and has an image of little plaque monsters that you brush away. You can feed it junk food, which creates plaque for you to brush away. She loves that part and let me brush her teeth 3 TIMES right then and there. The girl who wouldn't let me brush her teeth for over a year and a half, was now begging me to brush them.

Moms, if you feel like you have tried everything else, this is totally worth a shot. I had given up hope and wasn't even expecting her to like this product, let alone love it. We are two weeks in and she still gets excited to brush her teeth. No more battles. No more saying WTF. One less thing to stress over and I couldn't be happier.

This post is in no way, shape or form, sponsored by Sonicare. I just had to come on here and rave about a product that really did work for me, and I hope will work for other moms out there too!

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