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This month is flying by...seriously, where did it go?
I cant believe I have a month left in the US, and if its anything like March,
I will be on a plane in no time.
Dear mom, I will miss you so much so quit your being sad, and be happy Im moving to Germany!

Now with that said,
I want to thank all my sponsors this month and I hope you made some new friends!
I am now accepting sponsors for April AND May,
since I dont know how soon Ill have internet once I get there so you get to have a home on WTF for 2 months. Are you excited or what?
All I ask is that you put my button on your blog, so I can make some new friends too :)

I am going to expand my sponsor section and have up to 20 buttons.
So get your html's to me as soon as possible so I can keep your place in line!
Dont have a button? I do design blogs, and would love to help you out so check that out HERE!

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